Method for Integrating Internet SMTP Electronic Messaging with Postal Services

@Post, @Logistics and In-Bound Mailhouse Documentation

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Intelligent Boundary System

Hybrid Mail Patent Application Summary (HTML, 8K)

Short Generation I Patent Application (MS Word, 71K, source)

USPTO Objections at Generation I Patent Abandonment

Future Generation II Patent Application (MS Word, 279K, source)

Business Case Table of Contents (HTML, 21K)

Full Business Case (MS Word 97, 522K, source, v9, 31 March 1998)

Full Business Case (HTML, 147K)

Patent Diagrams (MS Power Point 97, 143K, source)

Patent Diagrams (HTML)

Business Concept Diagrams (HTML)

Management Overview (HTML)

Hybrid Messaging Workshop I (MS Power Point 97, 491K)

Hybrid Messaging Workshop II (MS Power Point 97, 860K)

Hybrid Messaging - Postal Address Testing Results (HTML)

In-Bound Mail Overview

In-Bound Mail Architecture

Proposal for @Post Corporation

@Post Budget

@Post Functional Requirements

Links to Hybrid Mail and Messaging Research

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© Copyright: Ben Livson 1999-2011. All rights reserved.